Valentin Bellassen

Valentin Bellassen’s initial training was in functional ecology. In particular, his PhD involved developing a forest management module within a global vegetation model. In parallel and after that, he became a specialist in climate economics through positions at the Environmental Defense Fund, the Papua New Guinean delegation to the UNFCCC and CDC Climat – a subsidiary of Caisse des depots dedicated to carbon markets and other climate mitigation policies. He continues to act as an accredited UNFCCC reviewer for national greenhouse gas inventories.


In his current position at INRA, his research focuses on the economic and environmental impact of agroecology when practiced at large scales. His most relevant recent publications include:

  • Bellassen V. & Stephan N. Eds. (2015), “Accounting for Carbon: Monitoring, Reporting and Verifying Emissions in the Climate Economy”, Cambridge University Press.
  • Baudrier M., Bellassen V. and Foucherot C. (2015), “The previous Common Agricultural Policy (2003-2013) reduced french agricultural emissions”, Climate Report n°49, 36 p.