Qinhua XU

XU Qinhua is Professor of International Relations, Director of the Center for International Energy and Environment Strategy Studies and Deputy Director of Institute of Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Studies at Renmin University of China in Beijing. She is active in the energy sector and is entrusted with a number of advisory posts in the China government agencies and international bodies. She is now an expert consultant of the National Energy Administration, a member of Petroleum Economics Standing Committee, China, a committee member of the World Energy Council and the founder of China International Energy Cooperation Forum.


She is now the editor of the annual report China International Energy Cooperation. Her other publications include New Geopolitics: Central Asia Energy and China (2007); A Study on China Foreign Energy Strategy (2014); China Energy Policy in National and International Perspectives: A Study Fore-and-Aft 18th National Congress (2014 in English); An Introduction to Energy Diplomacy (2012); A Comparative Studies on Clean Energy Development (2013); Cultural Differences Comparative Studies: for Facilitating International Cooperation (2013 in English); and over 80 professional articles and essays, as well as one translated book on Great Central Asia History for UNESCO.