The conference entitled "Asia and Europe crossing paths on the way to COP21" will take place on 29-30 September 2015 in Paris, France. The event aims to bring together distinguished representatives and speakers from academia, science, business, art, politics and media to discuss energy, environment and development-related issues that will be at the core of the COP21 international negotiations. In addition to the international negotiations on climate change, the conference seeks to address the topics of renewable energy and energy efficiency, climate finance, emissions trading, climate regulation, private environmental governance as well as resource and risk management.


Co-organised by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and the Asia Centre under the joint project Energy Challenges and Climate Change, this event expects to contribute to the overall objective of examining global energy trends and identifying how developments in both Asia and Europe are impacting upon the global goal of securing a political agreement to address the challenges presented by climate change.